Birth Services

At Mindful Mother a doula is a caregiver who works in collaboration with your primary caregiver to best support you. We provides the supplies needed both home birth and water births. Linens such as sanitized soakers, sheets and towels will be delivered to your home prior to your estimated due date. After your birth all laundry will go home with your doula, leaving you and your partner free to bond with your baby without worrying about chores.

“I serve as a guide to you so that you are free to be fully engaged throughout this journey, able to welcome your baby and embrace your growing family without feeling overwhelmed by the details.” Becky Purpur

Birth supports include:

  • Support through your entire birthing time
  • Assistance in determining when to call your midwives
  • Nutritional and hydration needs for you during your birthing time
  • Tools for comfort measures throughout your birthing time
  • Documentary Photography of your journey as time allows
  • Explanations and discussion of your options through your birthing time so you can make informed decisions about your own care
  • Support through any unexpected outcomes
  • Breastfeeding support in the hours following birth
  • Photographs of the first few hours of your baby’s life
  • Provide a postpartum meal or snack

At Mindful Mother we will also provide personal care supplies including sanitary pads, soakers, herbal ice pads and natural remedies for recovery and healing after giving birth.

Postnatal Support

After your baby arrives your doula will remain with you through the next several hours to help ensure that you, your partner and your baby are recovering and adapting to your new life. As your caregiver she will help you with the first few feedings at the breast, and provide you with replenishing fluids such and teas and bone broth. Your doula will also be ready with your first, nourishing postpartum meal. Your Doula will remain with you until you and your baby are settled in and you feel ready for a well-deserved rest. Your doula will visit you in your home as needed in the weeks following your birth.

Your doula is an expert in providing breastfeeding education and support. Support will be available as needed until your breastfeeding relationship is established. Your doula will also be available to answer all of your questions about your newborn and normal newborn care.

“There is no such thing as a baby, there is a baby and someone.” Donald Winnicott

Mindful Mother doulas offers the following postnatal support services:

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Postpartum mother-care
  • Specially prepared natural remedies
  • Nutrition for recovery
  • Newborn support and care
  • Placenta encapsulation & tincture

Unexpected Outcomes

Giving birth is an event that we can learn about and prepare for endlessly, however, there are times when no matter how much we prepare, the birth experience just doesn’t go as we may have hoped or planned.

Clients who are faced with unexpected outcomes benefit the most from having the support of an experienced doula.

Your doula is prepared to provide continuous, experienced support during any unexpected outcomes. At Mindful Mother doulas will support you and your family with empathy and knowledgeable guidance.