Classes for Birth Professionals

Mindful Mother Doula Services offers a full spectrum, twelve month doula mentorship program as well as continuing education courses for birth professionals such as:

Babywearing for Birth Professionals

Babywearing for Birth Professionals


The purpose of this course is to give caregivers who work with new families an in-depth understanding of:

The principles of babywearing:

Participants will learn terminology and principles to solidify their understanding of what babywearing encompasses in a hands-on workshop. We will be learning how to use a variety of carriers to master the skills of wearing infants and children, along with:

  • History of babywearing in our culture
  • Terminology of babywearing
  • Safety considerations in infant care

The importance of babywearing to the well-being of infants and parents:

Participants will learn about the biological expectations of human infants in regard to being carried against the parent’s body. Topics will include:

  • Oxytocin and its role in bonding
  • Infant communication based on proximity to the parent
  • The importance of intimate interactions for neurodevelopment

How to facilitate babywearing education with birth clients and new families:

Participants will become confident teaching their clients the basic principles of babywearing, including:

  • Choosing a carrier that will best suit individual needs
  • How to use babywearing carriers as a parenting tool
  • How to use a babywearing wrap for support during labour and birth

Who is this course designed for?

This course has been designed specifically for professionals such as doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, prenatal educators and medical professionals. Those who work with pregnant, and birthing women and families of newborns.

It is not necessary for participants to be competent using babywearing carriers. We will be covering both the use of babywearing carriers as well as the skills necessary to teaching the principles of babywearing to new parents.

What you will learn:

  • History of babywearing
  • Current babywearing terminology
  • Safety of babywearing
  • How to choose and recommend a carrier
  • About different styles of carriers
  • How to use different styles of carriers
  • How to be proficient at wearing a baby
  • How to break down the steps of babywearing
  • How to teach clients about the importance of babywearing
  • How to identify special clients who need support outside your scope of practice
  • How to develop a resource list for client referral to other professionals